7 Ways to Save Money with Shipping Companies

Shipping costs…that is the bane of any company’s existence. There is no way to get around the exorbitant costs that come with shipping your goods and services – Amazon is trying everything imaginable to reduce their shipping outlays. So, as a business, what exactly can you do to slash these never-ending expenses? That is what we are here to find out right now.

Here are seven tips to save money when your business uses a shipping company:

1. Start Using a Carrier’s Representatives

Whether you’re in Toronto or Ottawa, a wide array of shipping companies has representatives all over the country. It is about time you start using these representatives. They can negotiate the best rates, answer your questions and make the shipping process a lot easier and faster.

2. Negotiate the Shipping Company’s Rates

Should you not go the representative route, it would still be prudent to negotiate the shipping company’s rates on your own. You can achieve this by making large orders or by using their services on a regular basis.

3. Get Your Customers to Buy More

One of the ways that Amazon has been successful is by providing free shipping for a specific MINIMUM ($35). This is a business model you need to adopt as well. By getting your customers to purchase more, your shipping costs will be offset by a greater dollar order.

4. Reuse Packaging You Get

If you’re packaging the items yourselves, you will quickly find that packaging products are expensive. Do you know how you can circumvent these costs? Reuse any packaging you get, whether it is bubble wrap or boxes.

5. Your Firm Should Buy a Label Printer

As you stroll into the shipping company’s offices or as you receive a visit from a courier, you will notice that a label will cost you some money and it will eat away at your time. A simple remedy to this is to purchase a label printer so you can label the items yourself.

6. Shipping Refunds Are Key

Did a product not reach its destination on time? Did the item arrive at the wrong place? If the shipment did not go as agreed upon then it is up to you to search for shipping refunds. It is estimated that as little as two percent of clients seek out refunds, but you should.

7. Is Flat Rate Shipping the Answer?

Every shipping company provides you with flat rate shipping and flat rate boxes for free. The flat rates are established based on zones or distance. It is best to compare and understand the rates.

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