7 Warning Signs You Should See a Dentist

We all want to avoid the dentist or dental hygienist as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is just something we must do at least twice a year. Dental health is essential to your overall health – your teeth, gums and tongue are all factors that can provide a glimpse into your entire well being. If you have yet to see a dentist, but you have a handful of problems, then it must be asked: what are you waiting for? Go see a dentist right away before things get out of hand.

Here are seven warning signs you should see a dentist:

1. You Hear a Popping Sound in Your Jaw

As of late, you’re starting to hear a popping sound in your jaw and it is getting harder to open and close your mouth. Therefore, it could be something wrong with your teeth if this happens, and a tooth extraction may be necessary. The snap, crackle and pop may also be the common temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

2. Your Gums Bleed When You Brush

Whenever you brush or floss, your gums begin to bleed. This is a sign of improper health of your teeth and gums due to the build up of plaque, bacteria, tar and other factors.

3. Your Teeth Are Sensitive to Hot or Cold

When you drink tea, your teeth hurt. When you eat ice cream, your teeth hurt. Over the last couple of years, your teeth have become more and more sensitive to hot or cold.

4. Your Breath Always Smells Bad

In addition to rinsing your mouth with mouthwash before bed, you chew gum, eat mints after dinner and drink plenty of water during mealtimes. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, your breath always smells bad, and your tongue is looking more coated than the natural pink colour.

5. You Have Headaches in the Morning

Most people do not associate their morning headaches with oral care, but they should. If you’re waking up with a terrible headache it is probably because you’re grinding your teeth at night. The dentist will often recommend a mouth guard to ease these ritual nuisances.

6. Your Mouth is Always Dry

Many of us will experience dry mouth if we take prescription medication or as we get older. If you’re still young and do not take pills then it is likely to do with your dental health. Dry mouth is a common side effect when you have bacteria and disease in the mouth.

7. You Smoke or Drink Regularly

Are you a full-time smoker? Do you drink alcohol when you get home from work? If you answered yes to one of these questions then it is crucial to see a dentist. Smokers and drinks should often see a dentist because these elements will have a serious impact on your teeth.

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