6 Ways to Use Technology to Manage Your Technicians

As a service business, you have many important things to think about everyday. To ensure the efficiency of your operations and the satisfaction of your customers, you have to be able to make sure your technicians will be at the right place, at the right time, with everything they need to do their job.

If you want to be able to stay competitive in your industries, you have to make sure you are using the right technology to manage your technicians.

1. Forget about spreadsheets

If you are still using spreadsheets to manage the work of your technicians, it’s time to consider using new work tools. Even the most complex and sophisticated spreadsheet can’t do half of what a simple service management software can do.

With the right technology, you can reach out to your technicians, manage tons of information, improve the way you answer to service calls, and track the performance of each member of your team with ease.

2. Go for a mobile technology

Chances are most of your technicians already have a smartphone or a tablet, which means they will be able to use their mobile devices to improve their efficiency and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

When you manage your technicians with a service management software, you can send them their instructions and all the information they need to complete their jobs right on their mobile devices. This will streamline your operations for everyone.

3. Choose the right service management software

There is a variety of service management software on the market, and you have to take a moment to choose the right one for the needs of your service business. One software can only help you manage your technicians, while another will also help you manage your inventory and your invoices.

You should consider a modular service management software, which means you will be able to add and to remove features as your needs evolve, and that you will never be paying for features you are not using.

4. Manage your information efficiently

To be able to manage the details of each job, the status of each project and the history of the work completed for each one of your customers, you probably need more than one spreadsheet. Searching for the one piece of information you need might take you some time.

With the right technology, all of the information you need is right there at the tip of your fingers. Managing all the important data you need to run your business efficiently will be easier than ever with a service management software.

5. Improve your dispatching operations

Your service management software will make it easier for you to handle your service calls and to dispatch your technicians as efficiently as possible.

Time is money, and you will be able so save both time and money by using your software to determine the best route possible for your technicians, and to send them their instructions directly on their mobile devices. Your reduced response time will please your customers.

6. Track the performance of your technicians more easily

Finally, a service management software can allow you to track the performance of each technician on your team. It will be easy to tell which technicians are completing the most projects, which ones are often late and which ones could improve their work.

Tracking the performance of your technicians will help you increase the quality of your services, as you will be able to keep your team motivated with the goal of becoming better than they were yesterday.

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