5 Ways to Deliver Pallet Packages with Stretch Film

Whether the items you send on pallets are big or small, delicate or durable, you always want to make sure they are safe and reach their destinations in good shape. Ensuring that your products are successfully delivered could mean the difference between customers returning to you to meet their needs or looking to someone else to give their business to. As a result, many people are including stretch film in their repertoires when shipping items to customers. Below are just some of the advantages that stretch film offers when shipping products on pallets.

1. Protective

Using stretch film will ensure that your products are protected during and after transit to the destination. Because order items can be packaged in different sized boxes, it is always a concern that some items may be unsteady and fall off the pallet in transit. Stretch film, if applied correctly, will guarantee that this does not happen, allowing your order to be securely and tightly wrapped together. Stretch film will also protect the items from dust, debris, moisture, and UV rays in the even you are storing the pallet outdoors. The tight, clingy properties of the wrap will ensure products are safe from theft and free of damage.

2. Convenient

When packing up pallets, stretch film is convenient because it allows items to be wrapped quickly and easily. Upon reaching its destination, employees can take inventories faster, counting and identifying items delivered through the thin, transparent wrap. UPC codes can also be read and scanned through the stretch film which will also ensure that the inventory of items delivered can occur with relative ease. The stretch capacity of the wrap is very high, allowing your employees to stack more on a pallet than if a shipment was unsecured or held together with straps.

3. Efficient

Although using stretch film can seem like such a minor step, it can increase the overall efficiency of your business. Because of the ability of the stretch film to form around and cling to all items on the pallet, you can increase the heights that your loads are stacked which will allow for more space in delivery vehicles and less deliveries. Stretch film is easy to use as opposed to always using strapping to secure the pallets, allowing your employees to quickly wrap the pallets to be shipped and move on to other assigned duties. You can give your customers a guarantee that their items will be in perfect condition upon arrival by using the stretch film which will make your company an attractive option and potentially increase business.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Stretch film is made of recycled plastic and can definitely be recycled once a pallet is unwrapped after reaching the destination. The wrap does not promote the presence of mold, algae, or pests and will keep items delivered free of such elements. While the clingy nature of the stretch film may make reusing the product difficult after unwrapping a pallet, it can be used again nonetheless if possible to do so.

5. Cost effective

Not much stretch film is needed to secure a pallet so the roll that you purchase will last for a long time. When compared with alternatives such as strapping, corrugated cardboard, or shrink wrap, the stretch film does not cost as much and is far more superior in its abilities to secure and protect products. If you choose to have stretch film equipment at your business, they usually cost less to purchase and operate when compared with machinery that straps or shrink wraps pallets. Because all of your items to be shipped are enclosed within the wrap on a pallet, you will be able to save on labour costs as loading and unloading times will be significantly reduced. As mentioned, using the wrap will also reduce thefts and the amount of damaged items as the products will be tightly secured during transit and until inventories are taken.

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