5 Career Benefits of a Business Degree

In a decade where student loans are an issue for many graduates, young and old alike, it’s understandable why some people looking to get into business are reluctant to go to school for it. The truth is that in many industries, education and post-secondary training are a vital investment in securing a long-term career. Beyond that, business college is able to provide team-building and leadership skills that can translate to a multitude of different jobs. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are a few other reasons why you might want to consider getting that business degree.

1. A Business Degree

The most obvious reason you would go to business college is to get a degree that will propel you into the marketing industry. Often times, many people who went to college or university for one field find themselves going to business college for a degree that will open a few more doors for them. Newcomers to Canada, employees who have hit a career stone wall, and many others can find a use in a BBA, MBA, or a bachelor of commerce. It may just seem like another piece of paper, but it’s actually a key to many more doors and another feather under your cap.

2. A Business-savvy Skill Set

After going to business college, you’re not just walking away with a certificate – you will also be granted a very important business-related skill set. In business college, you learn commerce tactics like strategic differentiation, team synergy, and how to identify great business ideas and get them off the ground. These skills are very universal, lending to multiple industries and businesses. Leadership skills and how to co-operate with team members towards a common goal are skills that you can use in the workplace even if your career path doesn’t lead to a corporate job, but can be very valuable if you plan to be an entrepreneur starting your own business.

3. Develop Connections

Whatever field you pursue, colleges and universities are ripe with connections to various industries, and that’s also the case with business college. These are opportunities that are much more difficult to come across without the help of a business-savvy environment. Internship possibilities and successful business leaders are what give business students a leg up in the profession, especially when coupled with an education that provides experience for the field. Colleges are breeding grounds for ideas and meeting like-minded individuals. As a business student in college, you have a greater chance at developing face-to-face relationships with industry professionals.

4.  Employment Opportunities

When entering business college, students immediately become involved in the community and are the first to hear about resume-building volunteer opportunities, internships, and job offers. With a built-up, updated resume, a business student stands more of a chance than other business hopefuls in securing a career. Employers are seeking new ideas from a fresh perspective, and business colleges provide the most updated curriculum and case studies from successful businesses.

5. Career Change Potential

Getting tired of your current career? A lot of workers are, and they’re considering a change of scenery in their working lives. This is why many Canadians are re-entering college to pursue a business degree. Also, when people find themselves hitting a dead-end in their current jobs, this change could grant an entirely fresh perspective on their work. If you’re an employee that isn’t seeing that chance for improvement or promotion in your current career, it would definitely be worthwhile to at least consider pursuing a business degree to replay the job field and see what else is in store for you.

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