4 Green Initiatives Taken By Packaging Companies

As more and more businesses are choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle to minimize waste and protect our natural resources, it only makes sense for a packaging company to do the same and to offer sustainable options to their clients.

Here are 4different green initiatives that can be taken by packaging companies that want to do their part for the environment.

1. Choosing recyclable options

Many consumers recycle, and the used packaging they place in their recycling bins can be turned into new packaging. By using post-consumer waste to create their products, packaging companies can save resources and energy.

Paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard are easy to recycle. Other materials that are often used in packaging, such as styrofoam, are not as easy to recycle. Packaging companies should choose recyclable options whenever possible.

Some materials are easily compostable or biodegradable. Packaging companies should consider the use of these materials when it’s possible, to reduce the amount of packaging that can’t be recycled and will end up in landfills.

2. Reducing excess packaging

Reducing excess packaging saves natural resources, but it also allows packaging companies to save money. They will have to use less energy to create their products, and it will cost less to ship them to their destination.When a packaging company can’t use 100% recycled materials to create their new products, they should at least make sure that they are using renewable resources, including fiber from wood that is being harvested in a sustainable manner.

3. Designing efficient facilities

Going green can begin with designing efficient facilities that will make it easy to save energy and to reduce their carbon footprint while manufacturing quality packaging. For example, facilities can be designed to use as much natural light as possible.

Even when the facilities of packaging companies are energy efficient, there are a lot of initiatives they can take to save more energy. For example, they can make sure to power down their equipment completely whenever their employees are taking a break.

4. Recycling the water they use

When packaging companies utilize recycled materials to create their new packaging, they can save a considerable amount of water each year. To reduce their consumption of fresh water even more, they can recycle the water they use for their operations.

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