4 Facts to Learn About Driveway Alarms

If you live in a house, one of your biggest concerns is safety and security. You need to make sure that you and your loved ones always feels safe and protected. A driveway alarm can play its part in helping you achieve this. It should be one part of a bigger security system. Your home itself should be protected with its own security system that can work in conjunction with your driveway alarm.
Here is a simple guide to explain what a driveway alarm is, what it does and how it works.

1. How It Works

Driveway alarms detect motion and can alert you when there is something happening on your driveway. This helps to increase your home’s security. These are electronic devices that will notify you of any movement on your driveway. These devices can detect cars, people, animals or all three. If someone happens to be trespassing on your property, you will be alerted.

One part of the system is the transmitter and the other part is the receiver. The transmitter is concealed near your driveway and the receiver is in your home. The receiver can notify you of any disturbance by making a sound, displaying a light or even with a voice prompt, depending on what you buy.

2. The Two Main Types

There are basically two main types of driveway alarms. The wireless or hard-wired alarm system or the detection type. The wireless or hard-wired really has not much difference to it. One is not really better than the other. This just comes down to personal tastes and preferences. The detection variety is a little trickier and does deserve a little thought.

You need to decide what you want the driveway alarm to do for you. This type can detect cars, animals or people. If someone is trespassing, obviously, you’d like to know, but do you want to come sprinting out only to find a squirrel nibbling on a nut?

3. Different Sensor Varieties

There are different types of sensors used in these alarms. These include infrared, magnetic probe, rubber hose and photo beam.

  • Infrared – These wireless sensors use heat to detect any movement on your driveway. Vehicles, animals and people all give off heat, so when something warm passes through the beam, you will hear a signal. These are fairly easy to install and are also quite affordable.
  • Magnetic Probe – These sensors can be wireless or hard-wired and only detect metallic objects. That means you don’t need to come running out when a bird passes through the beam. You virtually won’t have any false alarms. However, it is a little more expensive.
  • Rubber Hose – The sensors are enclosed in a rubber hose. When a car goes over the hose, the sensor within is triggered and sends the signal to the receiver. This type is also quite affordable except that it will go through a bit of wear and tear and therefore, will eventually need replacing (the hose).
  • Photo Beam – This type uses more than one sensor and only when the beam from all sensors are broken will you be alerted. This means that there’s no chance of false alarms, since animals cannot break all the beams simultaneously. For detecting people, this is probably one of the best systems you can get.

4. Speak with a Professional

Remember, you can always speak to the vendor and explain your particular situation and receive expert advice that’s just right for you. This should never be a stand-alone security system, instead, it is a way to beef up your existing alarm system to keep your home safe and secure.

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