3 Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

When the temperatures start to drop and when it’s time for you and your family to buckle down for a cold Canadian winter, it is important to protect your outdoor items so that they will still be in shape when the temperatures rise again next summer. For example, there is a good chance that you won’t really be using your outdoor furniture during the winter months, so you will probably want to do what you can to keep it in good shape until next year. Luckily, following these tips can help.

1. Clean It

First of all, even if you have worked hard to take good care of your outdoor furniture, there is a good chance that it has gotten dirty throughout the course of the summer. If this is the case, you’re going to want to get it nice and clean before you store it for the winter. Then, you can help prevent stains, rust and other types of wear and tear.

The way that you will wash your furniture will depend on the type of furniture that you have. For basic plastic or metal furniture, spraying it off with a water hose, cleaning it with a rag or gentle brush and some gentle soap and then rinsing it thoroughly should do the trick. You can then leave it outdoors so that it can dry. For other types of furniture and for outdoor upholstery, you’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you clean it properly.

2. Cover It

There are a lot of high-quality furniture covers on the market that are designed specifically to protect patio furniture when it’s not in use. In very cold climates, this might not be a good option. If you are expecting a relatively mild winter and don’t want to put your furniture up or if you don’t have any indoor storage space, however, covering your furniture and leaving it on your patio can be an option. When choosing covers, however, make sure that you choose covers that are durable and that fit properly for best results. Visit the Ace Peel Hardware & Supply website for additional information and more online resources.

3. Store It

If possible, you may want to store your outdoor furniture somewhere indoors for the winter so that you can shield it from the elements. For example, putting your furniture in a garage or a self-storage unit can be a good option. You can even move it into your attic or into a spare bedroom after cleaning it.

Taking good care of your patio furniture and other furniture items that you keep outdoors is important. If you follow these tips this winter, however, you should not have anything to worry about, and you should be able to keep your furniture in good shape.

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